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REMAINS focuses on the absence of what was and what remains-'that' which is left in the wake of death: words, darkness, anger, guilt, artifacts, letters never to be sent, pain grief and more words.

All life is sorrowful, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, all life is fleeting.

Photography has a history of being linked to the recording of memory and also loss. It is capable of expressing the duality of the moment: life and death, dark and light, loss and fulfillment. In documentation, the act of death or loss is often portrayed as either romantic or brutally Gothic in appearance. In RELICS, death is often present through such symbolism as bones, marks of decay, scratches, and deterioration all made to preserve the inevitability that all life is subject to the laws of mortality. The use of this symbolism is a direct reference to the 17th century Vanitas paintings.