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Wesley Smith: Artist Statement for Sculpture and Functional Ceramics

My work, as a whole, revolves around the influences of popular and specifically TV culture.  Cars, automotive parts, animals, science, science fiction, mainstream and B sci-fi movies, toys, tools and technology are all part of my visual influence.  These are basic to my thought and design process but they basically function as visual building blocks for reference to what I want to communicate.  Through arrangement, size, color etc. I can talk about a great many more things.  Often the sci-fi and toy references are an allusion to childhood for me. 

Television culture and now computer culture reaches everyone.  Through it we expect things now and we expect things to be easy.  Many things we take for granted now were science fiction not all that long ago (for ex. compare the I phone to the Star Trek communicator or Tri-corder from the original series.)  The imaginative nature of this visual culture is a part of my work I want to come through.  I also have a great appreciation of the visuals in these genera of film with the level of overload in the back ground imagery.  We don’t always know what the objects in the background do but they are somehow necessary as part of the imagery and are convincing in this aspect.  This is pertinent to me because it forces the viewer to use their imagination and it in some way includes them in the setting though this process.  Much like Roddenberry’s view in Star Trek; it’s a genera of wonder, illusion, overload and the possibility for an enlightened future.  So with this in mind seeing a sense of play and whimsy connected to children’s games and toys played off aspects of mythology, science, science fiction, animals, machinery, tools, popular/TV culture and technology creates a malleable “canvas” from which I can talk via my more functional forms or sculptures.